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The name Mayhem Racing Charities has a unique origin story.  Back in the summer of 2011, Chris Saribekian, President of MRC, was on a weeklong trip travelling multiple states and raising funds for the Intrepid Fallen Hero fund.  This event was a multi day competition and included cars & drivers from all across North America.  At the time, Chris was competing under a different team name.  However, near the end of the event, Chris' brand new pearl red 2010 Challenger broke down outside of Charleston, SC after a long night of celebration.  Unable to repair the vehicle in the 104F temperatures, the Challenger was towed to a local dealership.  After 7 long hours of waiting, test driving, nearly buying another Challenger, the car was found to have a faulty fuel pump and was back on the road in 45 minutes.  500 miles later the team arrived in Kentucky at 3am exhausted.  It was during that trip the concept of Team Mayhem was born.  With no team safe from breakdowns, not even new cars, it went to demonstrate how life can change on an instant.  In some cases leaving you stranded or helpless.  The same way life affects people just like cars. 


Nine years later Mayhem Racing Charities was officially formed to be there for those in need.  Beginning in the Denver Metro area with its huge car culture and following, MRC hopes to one day expand into new regions to change lives daily.  It's never fair and can happen in only a moment. 


Mayhem is everywhere, affecting lives daily, and in that concept, Mayhem Racing Charities will also be there, everywhere, to change their lives for the better.  With that, we are excited to continue our mission to use horsepower for causes, everyday, Racing to Help!

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