Enthusiast Preservation Club

Why membership? It's about belonging. We are a family and families require a commitment...a commitment to always do what's best for the family. By being a member, it allows everyone to hold each other to that commitment and protect our family that is the Colorado car scene.


Membership Menu (All a 501c3 donation)

We want to be able to include as many enthusiasts as possible while still ensuring a commitment to our car family. To do so, we have various ways to be part of our Enthusaist family.

Basic Membership: $20/month (Shirt and hat included if paid in full for the year) and includes reserved parking at our main event in Parker at AutoMart, USA on the second Sunday of each month. Membership also unlocks member deals/discounts to our business partners (see The PIt Crew tab) like tint providers, detailers, photographers, vinyl and more!

Business Membership: $50/month and includes your logo and link on both and It also allows you to host a cruise from your business location and be a co-host for them. Future options on deck too!

Non-Members: We understand that a full membership may not be viable for everyone but we never want an enthusiast to feel left out because family includes everyone. If you aren’t a member, that just means you don't get as many awesome deals and may have to show up extra early to get a close spot. Our arms are always open if you ever decide to join our family.

Cruises: Cruises will be coordinated from with our business members. Routes will vary based on host and location. No cost to attend these but donations will still be collected and encouraged if you’re able to.

No matter what level of membership (or non membership) you attend our meets with, you are expected to follow the rules of the meet. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban from our events. Please don’t let that happen. We love your car way too much to never see it again.


Beyond that, we have a forum (FLASHBACK!) so you can interact and meet your local members that share your drive to make the community a great place and keep it that way. Swap meet area so no more sketchy online deals from people you don't know! Vendor deals and discounts with partnering local businesses! These are just a few of the extra things membership brings...and some that we are too excited to even announce yet! Membership dues are made to Mayhem Racing Charities, a 501c3 organization. 


-The Mayhem Racing Charities Family

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Basic: $20/month Recurring

Annual Paid in Full-Includes swag pack

Business- $50/month with higher levels available

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