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The PREMIER destination for charity based car events and people.

Thanks for pulling in to learn more about us, Mayhem Racing Charities. We are an organization of like-minded people that want to give back to our communities. We just happen to find fellowship within the car world and enjoy hosting events as our vehicle to give back. 

The plan is simple...create a place where we can come together and use our horsepower for good. That means food/toy drives, fundraising events, awareness topics, etc. With organization, we can pull together and help make a BIG impact in our communities!

Don't have a "cool" car? That's NOT a requirement to be part of the group. We open our arms to anyone that wants to be the change in the world we live in. You have a spot at our table no matter what you drive when you join our team.

In our first year, we were able to give back over $15,000 to our local communities and this is just the beginning! By becoming a member, it allows us to cover the costs associated with events and give more back to those needing support. 

Click on the Membership tab to learn more!

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